Uganda 2014


Hello Prayer Warriors:

Well, the end of another VERY successful mission trip, as the team now sits at the Entebbe airport awaiting their flight. We covet your prayers for safe travel. They will be landing in Tampa at 9 pm tomorrow night (Florida time). Our great thanks to Fredrick and Emily Ogara, Pastor James Otieno, and all the other hosting pastors on this mission. The team was made to feel the love of family in your country. And for all those who took their time to pray for the team and Uganda, we thank you and ask God to bless you abundantly. These mission trips would not be nearly as successful as they are without your loyalty in prayer. thank you , thank you, thank you. 

Until the next time:

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Faithful 4.

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

So, let me tell you about the first lady we prayed for that ended up praying with us. She had been battling for years with stomach growths and cancer and heart problems. She said “what is going to happen?” I said, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and kill this sickness!” When we prayed she said “my God, all the pain is gone!,

The last one was a young man with chest and head pain. He needed 3 shots of prayer from the 12 year old, but she persisted and said “Sickness and Pain, You Will Leave in Jesus Name!” And it did…..

After a few words of knowledge a few people came up. The miracles were amazingly fast and each one of the first few seemed to be notable, remarkable miracles for this village that just sent the crowd into a roar of praise as each one took the mike and gave testimony of what God had done for them. These people getting healing miracles were not shy! Tumors disappearing, sight restored, crippling disabilities of all sorts, BAM, BAM, BAM!!!

A teenage boy had a growth and pain and difficulty swallowing in his throat. Two quick prayers had the growth and soreness all gone and swallowing easily. All glory to God!

Next lady said she had a bad knee and could not walk without pain. BAM, instant healing of her knee and she was kicking away. We thought we were done and she said, wait a minute, I also have poor sight and see very poorly. So, we laid hands on her eyes and again BAM, 30 seconds, we told her to look around and check it out. She squinted and had that look of total amazement on her face we are coming to love. Then she said “I can see clearly, I can see clearly, Praise God!”

Again we saw a number of people with what they call “paralyzed” in various parts of their body ALL healed! One lady said “after I take a number of steps, both of my legs become paralyzed and I fall to the ground!” We prayed and I said, “OK, start walking and take as many steps as you normally take before it happens, then turn and come back!” This lady walked about 50 yards, turned to walk and man, you should have seen the look on this lady’s face, she was beaming! She got back and said “NO MORE, NO MORE PARALYZED!”

And this is my favorite in this 10 minute prayer time. A young boy brought by his mother with a double hernia. We had the boy put his hand on the area and we prayed. We then told the mother to use her hands to check out what happened. She did and came back and said “He is Healed!”