Philippines 2016

Hello Prayer Warriors,

The team is home and finally able to complete their reports from the end of the trip. There will be one more report coming on the last meeting. Enjoy the wonderful things our God has done!

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the "Seasoned Six Servants"


Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

A pastor that was unable to lift his right arm, even beginning to try to lift it brought pain. But after just a few moments of prayer he was smiling and jumping praising God, swinging his right arm all around.

A woman came holding her left hand with her right hand and said she couldn’t move her wrist without serious pain. Instantly healed, her hand became a banner of praise unto the Lord!

A young man came with esophageal discomfort due to acid reflux. He also had anxiety and asthma. The spirits associated with the maladies were all cast out in Jesus name, then health and life and peace were spoken into the esophagus and lungs. Jesus brought His healing power. The young man voiced that he was healed and he took several deep breaths. God is so good!

One older lady stood saying she has had pain in all her bones for many years and a non-stop chronic cough. Healing was released in her body in a matter of moments when others prayed and this lady turned and looked at me with a huge smile on her face, she grabbed my hands and proceeded to start into a wild dance of thanksgiving. She was even spinning me around. I could feel the joy coming from this healed lady! She kept saying “Look at me!” “Look at me!” “Are you looking at me?” “I am dancing!” She had a crutch and there it lay on the floor! Thank You Jesus!

On to another house. This time there were 5 adults, 1 man and 4 women sitting on the front porch. The team asked if anyone was sick. Now watch this: They said NO, So, one of our Filipino team got a word of knowledge for one of the women that she had sinus problems. It was asked, “do you have sinus problems?” The lady said “My God, yes I do!” So the team prayed for her and her sinus headache left and sinus cleared out! When the others saw this THEN they all told us about the physical issues they were living with. Amazing how God works, eh! One lady had aching butt muscles, another lady had some kind of arthritic condition, the man had some kind of crippling disease that made it so that he could not walk on his own. You know what happened, right? They were all healed, including the man walking on his own AND THEY ALL RECEIVED SALVATION.