Philippines 2015

Hello Prayer Warriors-

Thank you for your awesome prayers! The team is home, safe and sound .... good flights and all but one bag made it unscathed. And, what satan meant for bad, God turned around and made a blessing. Melody's bag had the back of it totally ripped open, so the airline blessed her with a brand new awesome suitcase!! As Melody would say "WAHOO".

Enjoy the final reports and know that you had a huge part in each and every miracle......

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Holy Spirit Herd.

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

I prayed for this man that was having pain in his shoulders and he also said he had lung cancer. I prayed for the shoulders first and the pain left his body instantly so I then moved to praying against the lung cancer he said he had. I don't know the outcome as of yet, but after the prayer he was taking deep breaths with ease now and no pain in his chest either. So I'll take that as healing for him.

We prayed with a woman with chronic intestinal pain and pain in her spine. We cast out the spirit of pain and commanded it to go. She fell over in the spirit and got up totally healed.

In this home was a young man suffering from tremors in his left arm. We prayed for healing and Jesus was so faithful! When that was finished, the man asked to be saved and we prayed for his salvation and rejoiced with him.

I prayed for a man who had blurred version in his right eye. Also issues with his liver. I laid hands on him and commanded his right eye to be healed for a new liver and for all internal organs to be renewed. He also had sinus issues and Holy Spirit healed all of his issues. Praise God.

I got to pray for a woman that has been suffering for 20 years from damage to her thigh. I prayed and she can instantly move without pain and is very happy!