Philippines 2014


Hello Prayer Warriors-

You know, we go on these mission adventures to bless God's people, (and His soon to be people) to bring them some clothes, toys or candy, (much much less than we would like, due to limited luggage restrictions), and of course, the main reason, to bring them His gifts of healing, deliverance and impartation. But somehow, it always results in our team members being the ones most blessed! Our love and thanks to the Filipino people and pastors for their gift of hospitality, and their sacrifice in housing us, feeding us and seeing to our every need. And, as ever, we are abundantly blessed for our prayer warriors who time after time, uphold and encourage us and sacrifice their time to pray without ceasing. We thank you beyond words, and from our hearts.

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Testimony Team!

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

One lady we chased a spirit of infirmity around her body, down into her leg, then foot and told her to kick it out (literally) in Jesus Name! She kicked and said “It came out, thank You Jesus!”

An older woman with “dim sight” and dizziness, after 5 second prayer she said “my God, my eyes are perfectly clear!”

During the prayer time inviting the delegates to come in front for prayers, all who needs came for prayers and mother brought with her son maybe in his 30’s and I asked him how many years he has been paralyzed the left arm down. He answered to me 5 years. I started ministering him with prayer healing there. And, I did pray 5 times, because prayer casting the disorder and diseases come out “In Jesus Name.” And, asked him how he feels, and he said he felt comforted after the prayer.” Then I allowed him to walk the move his left arms up and down and did that for 4 times and let him walk there, while the rest of the team praying for blessings to the leaders.

I prayed for one lady with pain in her knee that was healed instantly. Another that was healed from a pain in her neck.

A man had his foot bandaged up and said that he had an open wound on the heel of his foot and was not able to stand or walk or put any pressure on it. He agreed to let us pray, so what does the guy do? He pulls the bandage off and shows us this open gaping wound! We prayed one time second time and he stood right up on the foot and started stomping it. We later saw him out walking somewhere!

Both women received healing for themselves and then I showed them how they could turn to the next sick person and say “in Jesus Name, pain or sickness GO”.