Philippines 2013


Pictures from the mission trip:


Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

A man with "carpel tunnel" in his wrist. He had begun to think he would need to live with that the rest of his life. In 10 seconds he was doing with that wrist that he could not do the last years and was absolutely ecstatic! Glory to God!

A young man said “I am absolutely amazed that before tonight I could hear only dimly and had to be near someone to hear what they were saying, but NOW I am hearing so clearly and the sounds are crisp, I am soooo happy!”

I had prayed for an 11 yr. old who was deaf and dumb. All the others had prayed over her, but with no physical response. Susan was praying with her mom when Pastor Tony got a word from God to ask her mom if she or anyone in her family was involved in the occult. She said the girls grandparents were. The mother repented and renounced their sin and the generational curse associated with it. The mother fell under the anointing and Pastor Tony told her to lay hands on her daughter and advised her to command the ears open in Jesus name. Her ears popped open, and her first word was Jesus!

The hunger level here is huge and everyone received the impartation we were freely handing out. I have no clue as to what I prayed over everyone because God gave me a prophetic word for each person.

He had them pray and lay hands on the sick people and they all got healed. We praise you JESUS!

All I know is that the devil took a major hit in this place and there are angels all around us rejoicing for the lives that have been SAVED, HEALED and SET FREE this night, on this mountain top.

A young man was just listening with high fever got healed while Pastor Tony speaking and teaching, he grab the microphone during the testimony telling the crowd that God sent the true servants, because God healed him while listening to the teaching and preaching he was there in front of the stage among the believers who got healed thanking God. PTL!

Right behind me, there was the mother sitting at the altar holding her little daughter. Tears of joy flowing down off her face saying “look at my daughter, look at her, she is Healed, she is Healed!!” I looked and there was her little daughter with this big giggle smile on her face WAIVING HER RIGHT ARM AND KICKING HER LEFT LEG - COMPLETELY HEALED!!! That truly did me in!

Here is the jaw dropper for me. A mother brought her 6 year old daughter that was BORN BLIND. Her eyes were clouded over and looked like milk. I prayed and she said she was starting to see light (all she saw was total darkness before). There were a bunch of pastors huddled around me to watch to see what was going to happen. Everyone in these area villages knew about this little blind girl and wanted to see what God was going to do. I stopped praying and turned to the pastors and said “ok pastors and pastoras, you guys and gals pray!” Well, for the next 15 minutes we heard one shout of joy after another. They were jumping up and down and shouting “she can see forms!” “she can see colors!” “Oh God, the cloudiness is going out of her eyes!” “she can see people and objects around the room!” “she is seeing clearly now!” “see can make out and copy the letters on this piece of paper!” Glory, Glory, Glory to God! Heard pastors say, “After seeing this, Never Again will I believe the lie that it might be Our God’s will to Not heal someone!”

We saw a number of folks standing along the wall just waiting, no one near them to pray for them yet and All of a Sudden, they all fell to the floor in a heap. Clearly the Wind of the Spirit moving thru this place.