Liberia 2018



Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

Woman’s knees had been hurting for the past 7 months. “I could not stand on it or even walk without someone helping me. But I thank God that after the prayers, I am now able to walk freely without anyone helping me…there is no more pain in my knees.”

In the first morning of the first Conference, there was a lady that was totally paralyzed on the right side of her body. Everything from her facial movement down to her foot. First day I prayed for her, there was clear change in her facial muscle movement, ability to move her leg and walk much better and some movement lifting her right arm. Second day I prayed again, this time her totally clenched right fist began to open up and a little more movement in her arm. At the end of day 3 she grabbed my hand with her right hand and shook it and then squeezed my fingers with such strength that I felt pain (all good of course)! She did a little dance with me as we said goodbye! I thank God for allowing me to see the healing process!