Haiti 2010


Sent: Sun, July 11, 2010 10:25:54 PM
Subject: Haiti Reports

Thank you intercessors!  The team returned safely, radiating God's glory (and it wasn't just sunburn).  Even the sweltering summer heat couldn't extinguish God's love for the Haitian people, and the obedience of the 12!  
Read for yourself the victories of Jesus, due in no small part to your faithfulness in prayer.  The team thanks you.... and the Haitian people, I'm sure, are eternally grateful for God's servants.
In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and The 12.

Some excerpts from the reports!  
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As we entered the market, God showed up almost instantaneously. As we were led to pray within minutes and everyone that we prayed for was healed very quickly. Cynthia and I became a quick moving team praying for multitudes of women, mostly with headaches and stomach pains. Midway the focus shifted to a number of pregnant women with pains, which God removed.

At the market today, it was wild. Tons of miracles, instant miracles. I would turn down an alley of the main street, pray for one person, the miracle comes and she starts to hoot and holler and then there are people all around me asking for prayer. If they weren’t saved when we came, they were by the time we left. Glory to God!

On our way back, we saw some other team members standing around a man with a large crowd. I walked up and Tony told me to pray for complete healing. I did not know exactly what had happened or what was wrong but I knew it was his arm that needed prayer. So I put my hand on him and as soon as I said, "complete restoration", I felt a ‘pop’ in his wrist and it straightened out and I felt a crinkling in his fingers.

The first man we prayed for had broken his hand in a fall. He was in a bunch of pain and couldn’t bend his thumb or fingers. His hand looked like a balloon all puffed up. The first time we prayed all the pain left his hand, but he still couldn’t move his fingers. We prayed a second time and he started to move his fingers and bend his hand and wrist with this big smile on his face.