Guyana 2014


Hello Prayer Warriors,

I am sorry but this has been "one of those days". The team was delayed in Guyana for over 12 and 1/2 hours, and have just now left. They will arrive in Florida at about 3:15 am, and then, after collecting their luggage, they will start off on the 4 hour drive home. Please pray as they are very exhausted, and we thank God for HIS timing of their return (we don't know the events God allowed them to miss! or the divine connections they made while waiting)

Thank you SO much for your prayers for the safety and success of our team. It would not be possible without you all.

In His love and ours,
Mama Nancy and the Single-hearted Six

Some excerpts from our reports! Click on any of them to read more.

The man said to me “I have had disabling pains going from my shoulder down my right arm and it makes it hard for me do anything. I said, “ok, I explained the authority they have in the spirt realm and said to the wife to pray for her husband. Of course, they looked at me like I should be doing it! After a 15 second prayer I told him to start using the arm. He did and said “my God, it is completely well!”

He came over and he said, “you know I am a keyboard player, I want to pray but first there is something wrong with the tip of my main finger! It is painful to play the keyboard and I believe God wants to heal it now before I pray for anyone! It is as if there is an electrical charge in the end of my finger that is so painful!” We prayed and he was instantly healed!

A lady said that her right leg, from the knee down to her toes has a burning sensation 24/7. In addition to the burning, there was pain! We (me and one of the students at the camp) prayed one time and then asked her to test it out. She did and then said “the pain is gone but the burning is doing something weird in my leg. It is moving up and down and swirling around!” Ah Ha! Now we see that spirit of infirmity. We prayed again commanding that thing to come out. Now, this lady started shaking violenty and bend over backwards. Then she started bouncing backwards. We were hanging on to her leg and get that spirit of infirmity out of her. All of a sudden her leg shot out and she started yelling ‘I’m free,

I started praying for people and I felt something pulling at my clothes. I would turn to look and it was this old lady. She looked me in the face and said “you are praying for me!” I said I will get to you, hang on, as there were many others ahead of her. She was not taking “wait” as an answer. She was like Elisha after the Anointing from Elijah! OK, I want to tell you, that persistence is powerful in the spirit. She got what she came for and a lot more. She left with her glasses off and power in her hands!