Guyana 2012


The Spectacular Six are home in the US once again, forever changed by the mission God sent them on. Whether you are a seasoned missionary or a first-timer, each trip is tailor made by God to bless the people you minister to, and for each individual on that particular team. The reports are an awesome story of what He has done, and what He has done is to touch every person that ministered and received ministry ..... and every person that prayed for this team. Thank you once again for being such a huge part of the success of this time and for your faithfulness. May God grant to you also, all the miracles and blessings that He has brought to Guyana this week.

In His Love and Ours, Mama Nancy and the Spectacular Six

Some excerpts from our reports! Click on anyone to read more:

I prayed for another woman who said she had sickness and pain in her stomach, neck, and shoulders, I just commanded the pain to get out in the name of Jesus and Immediately she was moving and healed, JUST LIKE THAT, I was so touched while praying for her. God is so amazing!

I prayed for an elderly woman who had knee problems, and pain in her lower arm, and she was healed in her lower arm right away! And it took three times of prayer, then her knee got completely healed too!

The Holy Spirit took over the entire service. The people were falling on the ground by the power of the Holy Spirit with no one praying for them.

So the first person I prayed for was having pain in her back and was having a hard time bending and lifting. Not for long, a light touch and a quick prayer all the pain was totally gone.

I then went to another lovely lady, whom asked for healing in her right ear. I laid my hand over her ear and commanded the deaf ear to go! I then asked her how her ear was, she said It’s it’s all better!! Praise God!!

There was a woman that was carried in on a chair by her son, Melody and I went to pray for her. She said she has breast cancer, pain in chest, gall stone, really swollen stomach and lots of pain in the chest. After the impartation, she laid hands on herself and took authority in Jesus Name and then we asked her how she felt. She moaned and said the pain in her chest was gone, but now it was in her right side above the ribs. Her stomach was really, really swollen. Kaylie came up and she prayed with us, then Pastor Tony and Gail came by and we called them in too. I left to pray for another person and when I came back to check on her, her stomach was about 1/3 smaller in size and she had no pain!

Kaylie and I prayed for three people with neck problems. That was that word that I had from the Lord. And they were all healed! And one elderly woman with pain in her neck also had pain in her stomach and legs. We prayed for her, and the neck and stomach pain went right away.