West Virginia 2008

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

she began to look around “Oh my God, it is clearing up, it is clearing up, I can see!” 

Then came a beautiful move of Holy Spirit to bring full liberation. The demons came out shouting and with tears of joy, she exclaimed “I am free, I am free!”

She jumped right up from the floor and said, “Oh God, there is no way I could have gotten up like that before!”

When I prayed for his ears he said that the ringing left and everything got real quite and he just started to laugh saying “wow that’s cool!”

it was real exciting when she then said, “ I feel life going through me”

One young man with heart problems said he felt fire go into his body and he realized he was healed. Another man had his right ear open up and his hearing was restored

He said “Oh my God, look at this!” His fingers were completely straight and functioning in every way perfectly!

Suddenly, I felt something move under my hands

Then in Spanish I prayed, In Jesus' name, receive the fire of God. Instantly the lady trembled and tears started to flow. She was so happy for the pain left immediately, and she said she felt fire all over her back

Her testimony one week later: the neck/back pain is totally gone....totally...no re-occurrence of pain or needing adjustment.  Glory to God.

She wept as she enjoyed being free from the pain