Uganda 2007

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

She said “I’ve been told that I can never again jump on my foot . . as she started jumping, a smile came over her and then she started pounding her foot on the ground. After a minute or so of this she stopped and we checked and the lump was gone and the leg was perfect straight and the pain was totally gone.

This pastor got the microphone and began to get this previously deaf/mute to say words in their native language. When that happened the people of the village erupted in praise!

the anointing came so strong on her that she was just breathing on the people and they were falling under His Power. Absolutely every single person had to be carried away as they came under His Power.

A young man that had an accident and broke his leg and it was in extreme pain, instantly restored and was jumping all around

People were running to their houses to get their sick family members and bringing them for prayer.

Her eyes were open first; she looked at me, rubbed her eyes, looked at me again, rubbed her eyes, looked at me again and started laughing

As we prayed, the bone went back into place! A CREATIVE MIRACLE!

We put our hands on the bone sticking out of her shoulder and began dealing with the tormenting spirits and she went into convulsions as the demons were being forced out. Her baby flew out of her arms and a person right behind her caught the baby.

She said, “I had received prayer for AIDS/HIV and had it checked and I AM TOTALLY FREE OF THE VIRUS AND I AM GOING TO LIVE, PRAISE JESUS!”