South Africa 2016


Hello Prayer Warriors,

Here, finally, are the long awaited reports from the mission trip to South Africa. Enjoy and rest in the knowledge of what your prayers have wrought.

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Glory Group

Read excerpts from this mission trip:

“I need total deliverance from so many things, I am living in depression and defeat!” I simply declared to her who she really is in Christ, prophesied over her what she was predestined to become in Christ and commanded all demons to come out of her and BAM, her frown turned to a smile, then laughter and a proclamation that “everything has left me, I am now truly free!” She said that, I didn’t.

During the break between first and second sessions on second day we were asked by a pastor to go to a nearby home to pray for a lady. We said sure. When we got there, we stepped thru the front door directly into the living room. There she sat wrapped up in a blanket. She said they sent her home from the hospital telling her there was nothing else they could do for her. She had a stroke immobilizing her right side and she said since she came home, now her left side was affected also. She said she could not lift her arms or walk without extreme difficulty. We prayed and then said get up and walk. She jumped up and just started walking, lifting and raising her hands and arms that didn’t work just a few moments ago. I wanta tell you, this was one really happy family!