Sierra Leone 2013

Some excerpts from the reports!  
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There was a lady with pains and heaviness from her hips down to her feet for last many years. As I prayed the pain kept moving down lower and lower. As the pain moved lower the heaviness got heavier until it was like weights on the ladies legs. I kept praying until that huge weight went right out the ladies toes. She was like in shock at what had just happened to her, but it was a happy shock.

A man had been in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago. He came to the meeting with a crutch. His foot was all bandaged up with padding because he just couldn’t take the pain that hit him when his foot has any pressure put on it, like as simple as walking. When the pain left him today, he knew he was healed. He threw down the crutch and started walking on that foot, smiling and rejoicing, saying “I can now walk, there is no more pain!”

A 10 year old boy had a “living creature” in his stomach. He could feel and see it moving around giving him pain. With parent’s agreement, complete deliverance came tonight and the living creature disappeared.

Each person I prayed for took several shots of prayer tonight except a deaf woman. Lisa and I prayed together she took one ear and I had the other and we commanded that deaf spirit to go in the name of Jesus. We spoke to the ears and commanded for sound to be heard and well that’s just what happened instantly.

Then an older lady pushed thru to get in front of me, holding the hand of an even older lady. She said, “this is my neighbor, she is a Muslim and she is very sick, very weak and in much pain. I told her that if she would come with me today to church she would see what she has never seen before and get healed!” I said, OK, please just explain that it is Jesus that is about to do this. Then I had the church lady pray for her neighbor and then asked her to start moving around. It was amazing to see this old Muslim lady get touched by Jesus. I asked her, “has your religion ever done anything like this?” She said “No and I want this Jesus in my life NOW!”

A lady said she saw a man with water pouring over his ear. We asked for who had a problem with one ear. A man said “I am totally deaf in one ear!” The lady that got the word prayed a short prayer and commanded the ear to open. We checked out the ear and it was totally, instantly opened!

An old Muslim man came, Muslim all his life, he could barely see a little light and had constant pain all over his body. The pastors told him “we would like to introduce you to Jesus. He would like to show you He is the Lover of your soul and your Healer. Would you like to see Him?” The old man said “yes, show me!” They prayed and his eyes fully opened and he just stood there with a look of absolute amazement on his face as he looked around to see what he hadn’t seen in many years. Then all the pain left his body

A man lifted up his shirt to show us some kind of major bad skin condition. His skin was all bumpy and red. He said he was a muslim and went to the witchdoctors for help. I told him that from tonight he will only need to go to Jesus, but He must receive Him. He gladly confessed Christ then got delivered and with the deliverance came the healing and ALL the skin condition INSTANTLY left his body.