Sierra Leone 2010

Sent: Thu, May 27, 2010 12:15:02 PM
Subject: Final Reports

Thank you intercessors and all those who have been praying for us during this mission. I cannot tell you how terrific it is to have my husband home! He encountered many delays on the return trip, which started at 1:30 am on Tuesday with a crazy trip to the Sierra Leone airport. (he was given the "Indiana Jones" anointing to leap from the dock onto the departing ferry boat which would take him to the island where the airport is -without this "leap of faith" he would have missed his plane!!) The adventure ended with us pulling into the driveway at 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, a mere 49 and 1/2 hours!!

I pray that these reports stir your heart like they did mine and cause you to rejoice with your new brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone. Can you imagine the reunion in Heaven when you get to meet them face to face and see the fruit of your prayer and hear the stories of what actually happened at their deliverance and salvation!!?!?!?! WOW. God is SO GOOD! We can only guess at the physical and spiritual change this trip has made for individuals, villages and churches in Sierra Leone.

Praise God for your faithfulness to Him and to us. Now, read and enjoy...

In His Love and Ours,
Pastor Tony, Mama Nancy, and the 7 new pastors for Living for Jesus International, Sierra Leone branch

Some excerpts from the reports!  
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A lady was in bad pain from the hip down for many years and the expression on her face was one of excruciating pain even trying to move one joint below her hip. We chased the pain around her torso a little bit, then came the moment of deliverance as total healing came to her. She stood there with tears of joy coming down her cheeks as she gave thanks to her God for what He had done.

A lady was healed of tumor growth on her stomach. This pain of growth had been on her for more than five years. This sickness had been a very big trouble in her life. She had spend all her resources on this sickness. Today during the prayer, she felt something moving in her stomach the swelling in her stomach has gone and the tumor completely DISAPPEARED!

What happened in today's meeting is like the day of Pentecost. The wind of the Holy Spirit swept the entire building. There was a lot of healing and deliverance that happened in the building sovereignly. The Holy Spirit worked in the life of people. People were crying. Demons were cast out without anyone praying for anyone.

What I experienced here is not only for those that know how to read and write. There are woman that are laying on hands, that cannot read and write, and having miracles happen thru their hands. This ministry is to show everyone that they can do the works of Jesus right now, just the way they are. It is absolutely amazing!

This morning all the pastors and LFJ team went off to preach the "Kingdom of God" in a lot of different places. Some have returned to report that the Presence of The Lord was extremely strong and miracles were done in Jesus Name. They were all so excited!

A woman with a severe headache (it was some kind of sickness other than normal headache). This sickness troubled her for many years. Sometimes she was not able to see or hear when the pain was severe. This time, while the prayer was going on, she realized that the pain was gone!

A young girl at the age of 3 years has not ever been walking. The villagers knew this child was born crippled, so they all gathered around to watch to see what was going to happen. But today, during the prayer, she was able to stand and took the first 3 steps of her life. Wow, this was awesome and the mother was going crazy with happiness.

A young man was suffering from an evil spirit that has been tormenting him for the last several years. During prayer, he fell under the anointing. Later, he got up and testified that while he was on the ground, he saw the evil spirit leaving him! "I am finally, totally set free, thank you Jesus!"

We gave the microphone to all three of these people and they told their fellow villagers of what Jesus had just done for them. All of the people got a real sobering look on their faces. They all applauded. Amazing how a miracle in your face can stop your mocking. OK, it was now time to lead them into salvation! Again, EVERY ONE of these 60 people received the Lord tonight.

A woman came that said she has been suffering with epilepsy for years. We could see the hope in her eyes that she was very close to being free. Her mouth was twisted and her right hand and arm were paralyzed. Instantly, in prayer, we watched her mouth become untwisted and life come back into her hands and arm. She began to jubilate and jump for joy, declaring her liberation.

An old woman has been suffering with intestinal pains since she was a child. She has grown to accept this as her lot in life. But tonight, she said, “that is not from Jesus; tonight, I will receive what Jesus has for me!” In an instant, maybe 50 years of tormenting pain from the devil has come to an end! She was completely set free and healed.

This is especially for those that minister and those that have been in ministry when there is what appears to be a demonic manifestation. If you are where God is moving, then undoubtedly you have seen demonic manifestations. It is my hearts desire, that we would lose fear, lose all critical and judgmental spirits and gain His compassion for this hurting soul and grow in our working relationship with Holy Spirit.

A young man came and when we tried to ask him what was wrong, it sounded like he was trying to talk with his mouth full of marbles. Have you ever tried that? His friend said that he is not mute, but has never been able to speak words properly. We asked him to repeat "Jesus is marvelous" and it wasn’t even remotely close. We prayed and then asked him to repeat that again. He said it perfectly. All were amazed at the miracle of God.