Sierra Leone 2009

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

What I am going to tell you now has never happened to us before.  As the driver began to back up, he hit something. There was screaming, and the sound of bones breaking. He slammed on the breaks. People all around were screaming and running to the car. They yelled, “You have run over a boy!” The driver pulled forward to pull off of the boy that had just been run over. It appears the young boy was laying underneath the tire in the shade of the vehicle, to keep cool. We got out of the car, people all around the boy on the ground who was rolling around screaming, saying that we had run over his leg. The sound of bones breaking is not a pleasant one. I said, “We have got to get to him to pray for him.” We couldn’t get thru the crowd. One of the men near the boy, picked him up and put him in the back seat of the van. He was crying and wincing in about this awesome miracle!!

She kept saying “I am a Muslim” no matter what we said about Jesus, she just kept saying “I am a Muslim.” Well, what do you think God did?

Another man that had been a deaf mute most of his life and everyone in the village knew him that way stood before us. The crowd got real big to really see what was going to happen with him. This was a biggie for them. As we prayed and he acknowledged that his ears were opened, the people erupted. I mean erupted, big time. They started chanting the Name Jesus. Then this man began to say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” they really went wild. The village chief had to come over and move the people back as we were about to have a stampede.

I looked at the next lady in line and said, “You want to see what His Anointing will do for you?

In an instant this man was miraculously healed. Jaws were hanging everywhere, eyeballs like saucers just fixed on what was going on. That was the moment; Holy Spirit said NOW, CALL THEM TO COME TO JESUS!

He couldn’t remember what it was like to be without pain. Now, he told the people, “Jesus has set me free, I am totally healed! Again and again he called out the Name of Jesus over the speaker system.

Deaf, mute, blind, and all kinds of  sickness, disease, body pains were leaving the people so fast you didn’t have time to register what was happening. The crowd was pushing and pulling us in every direction

One of the women that came for prayer said she had worms crawling around in her stomach

One of them had polio and could not stop what God did...

A little girl that was mute since birth. She had never spoken a word. As Gods Power came upon her and she spoke the Name of Jesus over and over, her Muslim mother was in shock. As this little girl opened her mouth to speak, out came the foulest odor, the smell of demons being expelled

The first was a man with leprocy that we prayed for in the conference. There were scales and sores all over his hands and arms, I remember well. He said “look what God has done!” He showed me his hands and arms and they were clear skin! He said, I will serve God all the days of my life!

The crowd grew larger and louder, they were all clapping and shouting. This is one of those notable, remarkable miracles we've been praying for.  The man that was being prayed for couldn’t walk, he was a crippled man that used sticks to pull himself around the village. Now he is walking all on his own. The look of determination on the pastors face as he kept shouting, "walk in Jesus name, Walk in Jesus name!" That was real cool to see and I really praise God that this happened threw a local pastor and not us. It just proved to them that God will and wants to use them for signs and wonders. Praise God!   

One lady just took off into a trance while she got her healing. Heaven is responding to the hunger in this place!

In all of our trips to Africa I have never seen this amount of Holy Ghost power hitting the people in one meeting.

He had a big tumor on his neck. It was so big that his neck was bent and head tilted at a 45 degree angle. He lived that way, unable to turn his head. We prayed and watched the tumor shrink, shrink, shrink until it was all gone! Then we prayed for his neck to straighten. We told him to begin to move his neck. The neck bones started cracking and popping, very loud. He got real big eyes and said “my neck bones are turning and cracking, Oh my God, the tumor is gone and my neck is straitening!”  It was an awesome sight to see!

the girl said “he is insane, he is a crazy man, he cannot talk and doesn’t understand anything that you say, his mind is gone, he cannot take care of himself!”  We have thousands of people in this condition in metal wards in hospitals all over the US. We prayed and commanded the insane spirit to leave him and for the restoration of his mind and senses. For a creative miracle for his brain......READ THE REPORT TO SEE WHAT GOD DID!  FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW SOMEONE THAT HAS "LOST THEIR MIND"......

They all said the same thing: “I have been lied to my whole life, and now I know True Power!”