Philippines 2012


Hello Prayer Warriors,

Well, another very successful mission is over. Now there is just the travel ahead, back to home, bringing the crowns to lay at Jesus feet. Thank you for your contribution of prayer. The team will be traveling back on Wednesday so travel mercies would be greatly appreciated.

In His Love and Ours, Mama Nancy and the Dedicated Duo +3

Read and enjoy the fruit of your prayers!

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

You could hear a pin drop in this place as all eyes were on what was happening. When she lifted her arm all the way up and said "I have NO pain, my shoulder is restored, I have received a miracle!"

There were people weeping, laughing, and dancing around all while being set free tonight. Yeah God, the feeling of freedom was in the house, they got it! Praise God.

One lady was just so excited at what God had done. She shared how she had a large tumor on her body for a long time and as she got prayer it just INSTANTLY disappeared. She started pressing her body where it used to be and said, "it is just gone, it is gone, oh I am so happy to the Lord for what He has done!"

When she walked up no one would know that just a day ago she had to drag along her left leg as it was non-functional. She said INSTANTLY, when hands were laid on her, the power of God flowed thru her and she felt LIFE flow into her body and her left side became completely functional. Amazing!

We watched Holy Spirit make a way for us to bless people up and down the streets. There are so many people that are sick, in pain and suffering from all sorts of problems. From skin allergies to cripples, the power of God touched lives and salvations quickly followed.

I asked a pastor to ask them if they wanted prayer. Here they come and BAM, it was like dynamite went off. I had people surprising me and falling into me while I was praying for them. The first lady hit the deck so hard her high heels went flying thru the air.

We were again taken into the Glory Zone in worship. Pretty cool dancing today as the ground was very rough, uneven soil with rocks sticking up everywhere. I hit it anyways and got caught up in the Spirit and I am sure HE held me a few times and kept me from falling.

There were hundreds that we prayed for, we began first with the pastors, then the various church leaders, then into other adults, then on to the youth. It seemed there was someone organizing how the people lined up. We release prophetic words and impartation of The Holy Ghost to all.