Philippines 2011

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:32 AM
Subject: Final reports

Another very successful, very God filled mission trip has wound down to praying for travel mercies. Attached are the final four reports from the mountain village experiences. We want to thank each of you for your prayer coverage, for your standing in the gap for those who "go" and those who are on the home front. Your prayers uplift and sustain us and are invaluable in the natural and spiritual. We praise God for placing each of you in our lives and for touching your hearts to prayerfully support Living For Jesus International.

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Two Truth Bearers

Some excerpts from our reports!  
Click on any one to read the complete report.

A woman that was mostly blind in both eyes and was told she had severe glaucoma and needed surgery came for prayer. The first prayer saw the anointing open her left eye. She could see clearly and was praising God.

We prayed for a woman that was having pain in her shoulders, back, and stomach. She started with the shoulders and when the pain was all gone she just worked her way down and around the body until all the pain was gone.

She had diabetes and a goiter on her neck. I asked her to put her hand on the goiter so that she could feel it under her fingers and to watch what Jesus does to it. She apparently also was ready for an insulin shot as her body was (right now) feeling the effects of super high blood sugar. Well, we started praying and she started shaking again, only this time the shaking was not fear but the power of God. She said, “oh my God, the goiter is gone!

A man with a damaged knee attempted to lift up his jeans to show us that knee. The jeans were the wrong size and he couldn’t pull them up. Anyways, we prayed and he was miraculously healed and another ex-muslim comes to Jesus. Bingo, just like that!

Another man that had been paralyzed in his left leg for the last 7 years stood in front of us. As I looked into his face I saw the desperation of a man that has not been able to live his life and was so hoping that he would be touched by this Jesus that is healing others. The power of God
shot into his leg and he began kicking and smiling

One woman complained of ulcer and suffering for 5 years, after praying one time she got healed in Jesus name.

In my 20 years of ministry, this is the only time I have heard such teaching and have come to know what Christ has given me to carry on His work.