Philippines 2010

Sent: Sun, September 19, 2010 2:22:41 PM
Subject: outreach reports

Read about what God is doing in the Market Outreach in the Philippines!
In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the fourfold cords

Some excerpts from our reports!  
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A woman had a large cyst on her left breast. She said that it was painful and big and hard. We prayed 3 times and she said that each time it kept getting smaller. The fourth time she reached inside her dress to check it out because she could no longer feel it from the outside. That growth was completely removed. She jumped for joy and wept with the understanding of what God had just done for her.

Before we even got started I gave out two words that I got. The first word was for a pain in the back of the neck and into the back of the head. A few persons responded and came up for healing. All of them were healed instantly.

Tony asked me to translate what a man was saying. But, to my surprise, as the man was telling me about his dream, I WAS GETTING THE INTERPRETATION. Wow, what a wonderful experience. Holy Spirit just downloaded to me the meaning of this man’s dream. It came as he was talking. Bam, it was there.

I pray for a 15 or 16 year boy having bad spirit coming in to him every once in a while and lower back pain. I switch to deliverance mode and GOD touched him and set him free of everything. His back problem was totally healed, Thank you Jesus.

Well many Muslims lined up all around the piles of vegetables for prayer. They left one after another after another totally healed and a brother or sister in the Lord. What a sight to see, Glory to God!

We moved into words of knowledge and a dozen people quickly responded. There were 3 of the bible students there so we got them praying. Nine years of intestinal disorders healed in a moment. Wow, this man was so, so happy. All the people gave testimony of their healing and then the others came up for prayer; ALL healed!! What a great morning! Thank you Lord.