Liberia 2014


Hello Prayer Warriors,

Well, the team is back home, safe and sound and in awe of all that the Lord has done. Here is the final report for Monday, a VERY long, non-stop ministry day. Thank you for your prayers.

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Triple Threat!


Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any of them to read more.

One pastor when I asked what he needed, he said “listening to the teaching today, the thought came to me, Hey, my back has been bad for a lot of years, I’m just going to put MY hand on my back and pray, in Jesus name and see for myself what this guy is saying!” “You know what, he said, years of suffering disappeared in a moment AS I PRAYED! Please, impart to me right now, I must leave here to go pray for people. I have been waiting all of my ministry for this!”

I prayed for people that had bad eyes that got their sight restored. I prayed for a deaf guy whose ears got opened up. I am so thankful that God chose me to do this kind of work. This is absolutely life changing. After seeing this, I just cannot see how anyone could ever say they don’t believe in God. I saw the Creator God of the Universe do miracles on people!

The next man I prayed for was having trouble with his eyes and was also suffering with asthma. I prayed for his eyes first and he said all the blurriness and pain in his eyes was all gone. He is now seeing clearly so I moved on to his lungs. When I finished I told him to take a deep breath. He took a breath like he was not going to be able to get enough oxygen and when this huge breath of air rushed into his lungs he was in shock. I love the look of shock on their faces. He just kept taking deep breaths looking at me like as if he was saying “do you see this?” Needless to say this was one happy man.

From the town drunk that had pain everyday all over his body to the young lady with leprosy. All healed! I liked the “ex” town drunk. First thing he says when we asked if we could pray for him: “Can I have a drink first?” Oh yeah, have I got a “drink” for you! When the healing power of the Lord hit him, he wasn’t thinking about drinking anymore. First thing in his heart now was he wanted to receive Jesus and he just wanted to let the others see what had happened!