Liberia 2012


Another "extremely" successful God adventure has come to an end for LFJI, but not for God. He will continue to bless and grow the new members of our family in Liberia. We praise Him for setting the captives free, loving and healing them, and I am filled with joy for all the new brothers and sisters I will someday get to meet in heaven. Because you gave, of your time and funds, they now have eternal life, and an easier life here on earth!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your loyalty in standing on the wall for the pastors, worshippers, and helpers during this mission. Until next time .... be blessed!

In HIS Love and Ours, Mama Nancy and the WOW Team!!

Read and enjoy the fruit of your prayers!

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

All of a sudden words of knowledge just bubbled up and flowed out. A lady that had spent most of her life with bad back problems stood before me. I asked who wanted to pray. The keyboard player hustled up to say he wanted to. As I assisted him, he had the first miracle of his life flowing thru his hands. We got to chase a spirit of infirmity around the ladies body before she was totally released and healed.

A man that could hardly breathe, looked like he should be in the hospital, spoke of pressure in his chest that made living nearly unbearable. He was shaking from this disease, in great fear and we could see and feel his concern for his life. In a moment, he felt something (someone) leave him with a great release and instantly all pressure was gone and breathing returned to normal.

Now a most amazing thing happened. There were maybe 300 people in the church for us to pray for. Just as the bread was multiplied, the people kept multiplying. We don’t know where they were coming from. It felt like we prayed for 1000 people. As we got within 10 people of praying for all, then all of a sudden there was another 70 or 80 people. That kept happening again and again. It was most amazing!

A 57 year old lady had a swollen foot that was so bad and hurt so bad that she couldn’t walk on it. Well, in a matter of seconds, the swelling was gone and she was jumping up and down on the foot praising God for her miracle.

A young girl, maybe 16 years old had a tumor on her navel, big tumor. She took my hand and made me feel it. It was big. I had her put her hand on it as I prayed. First it moved to the right, then the left, then up on to her stomach, then back down to the navel before it disappeared. All the time she had her hand on it and was describing to me what was happening until it disappeared.

We came upon a lady just lying alongside her house wheezing with asthma. She said for 15 years she had been unable to breathe well or to smell anything. She was very weak, and it looked like this disease had just taken its toll on her. We prayed and she started taking deep breaths and rose up healed! The neighbors watching were just amazed at what Jesus had done

An 8 year old boy was pushed in to me by his mother. He had a hydroseal since birth. She wanted to show it to me, I told her not necessary as it was obvious just looking at him. The poor little guy was so uncomfortable. It made it literally impossible for him to play with other kids. This was the fastest miracle I saw tonight as I prayed once a few words and the boy smiled and said “mommy, it is gone!” She was in disbelief and put her hands in his pants and then started screaming for joy as it had disappeared

I saw a 9 year old child that was deaf and dumb since birth that received his hearing and was speaking on the outreach today

A child 5 years old had a large lump on his stomach. The mother said that there was something living in the boy as they have been able to see and feel this lump moving since birth. Tonight it completely disappeared. I would love to some slow motion photography of this stuff. It’s like now you see it, now you don’t.

A young man was brought by his friends that were touched today and he had head pain. He said “I really don’t believe this stuff”. When he was healed he just stood there in shock for the longest time and he became a believer tonight!

When the first person got healed and they spoke and the pastor gave testimony of how he was at last night’s crusade and got a miracle healing. Then the people all started running to the meeting. The healings were happening so fast tonight it was hard to imagine what we were seeing. Children with hydroceles were receiving miracles instantly everywhere.