Liberia 2011

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

A man suffering with pain in his right leg for the last 2 months. He couldn’t even move it without extreme pain. After the prayer he was able to jump up and down without any pain.

A woman with 6 years there was a growth under her navel. She came last night and watched but didn’t go for prayer. Today she came to get prayer. She watched the tumor disappear and all the pain left with the tumor. Her pain was so bad that she could hardly ever go out of her house, but now she is free.

A woman with 3 years severe stomach pain and growth in her stomach completely disappeared and
was instantly healed of all the sickness.

An elderly woman for 12 years has been suffering from a snake bite that happened in her dream.
Someone came to her in that dream and told her she would now have to live in pain. Everyday
suffering from this pain until today. Instantly during prayer it all left her and she got delivered and

A man said he had been feeling heavy, severe pain for more than 3 years and he was feeling
confusing all the time. Pastors prayed for him and he was Instantly healed. He said I don’t know
what to say, I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God.

A woman and a man both 5 years nearly blind Instantly healed and eyes totally opened.

A man for 3 years had constant fever and body heat beyond what he could handle always sweated 100% of the day and night. Immediately upon the prayer the sweating stopped and was totally healed.

A man stood before me and with great distress he said " the last 40 years I have been in agony from damaging my back. No one could help me all these years, no doctor, no hospital, no herbalist, no one!" The look on his face told the story: his marriage, family, work, everything in life has been affected by this crippling sickness. BUT in a moment when I asked him to bend (something he couldn't do for many years), he leaped for joy, bending and twisting his body for the first time in 40 years.

A woman that was considered "MAD" by the area people. It is said that she had severe headaches for many years and then just went "Insane" from the pain and torment. She just roamed around living on the streets and eating garbage. Tonight she was prayed for and Instantly got her mind and sanity back and was found praising the Lord.

A man for 40 years was blind and able to see for the first time today.

The next woman we prayed for was in need of deliverance from quite a bit of stuff. This took a while as we worked with her to get her set free. All the while the other pastors were praying all around us and healing after healings were taking place. That was great to see them being used and going for it. We stuck with this woman until the end of the service, but when we were done she was free all free.