Kenya 2007

Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on anyone to read more.

This girl, who couldn’t hold a paper cup, completely cut off the circulation to my fingers with her new vice grip!

I saw with my own eyes her leprous skin change to perfect normal and all the disfiguring left her.

God has healed my daughter totally today. Before the team prayed for her, she couldn’t stand or use her hands.

“I thank God that when I came to the crusade last night, I saw great miracles.

Another pastor said . . .Tonight I had the first peaceful sleep that I have had in 10 years.

I was asked to pray for a young boy that was totally deaf and a pastor that was deaf in one ear. Both were miraculously healed and received full hearing.

After she was delivered all the pain was gone so we had her put her hands where the boils were and pray and she said the boils began to shrink and then disappeared.