Kenya-Uganda 2016

Hello Prayer Warriors,

The team has returned home safe and sound, thank you for your prayers. Here is the second report and I am assured that the best is yet to come with the reports from the meetings in Kenya!
Once again, your prayers have availed much! Enjoy ....

In His Love and Ours,
Mama Nancy and the Holy Spirit Dignitaries


Some excerpts from our reports!  Click on any one to read more.

A young woman came with her face all cut up and even still bleeding. Her right arm paralyzed and stuck in the bent position. Her right hand stuck in the clenched position. After interpretation, we found out that she has been getting harassed by demons coming to frighten her and she runs away and falls and gets hurt. We instructed her in the Authority of Jesus and how to use it! She really received that! We prayed for the wounds and she said that all the pain left and she felt better. We showed her how to speak to her arm and command it to begin to respond to the Name of Jesus. I watched her arm loosen up and become mobile and after a few more prayers her hand was functional and she gripped my hand and I mistakenly said “try to squeeze my hand”! Yolanda! It felt like all circulation was cut off in my hand as she squeezed. She went away happy and confident that she “was ok!”

A lady had a dislocated bone in her hand causing her hand to be distorted. Well, the lady and the pastor praying got to watch God RELOCATE the bone back in correct position and make the hand totally functional again! Glory to God!